Investment Thesis

Wavemaker is Southeast Asia’s leading early-stage venture capital firm investing in enterprise and deep tech companies that offer innovative solutions and add significant value.

Founders we invest in

We were entrepreneurs ourselves and have managed teams of 20 up to 2,000. We have had failures and successful exits. We get founders and founders seem to get us too.

We invest in thoughtful founders who have built an internal conviction through experience and reflection and identified a huge opportunity because they see things differently from most other people.

We like gritty, straight shooters who have a bias for execution and learning, and are interested in creating valuable companies.

Businesses we believe in

We like to invest in scalable, capital-efficient, sustainable businesses that aim to create significant value by solving meaningful problems 10x better than existing options. It doesn’t bother us if the business doesn’t quite have a global comparable as long as it can be explained clearly.

What entrepreneurs can expect

When we invest, we hope to build working relationships of mutual trust and respect. We aim to contribute mainly through our perspective and network.

Perspective comes from having invested in over 100 enterprise and deep tech startups in SEA since 2012. We believe we have some experience we can share. We strive to learn with every investment and every mistake we make because this is what we expect of our founders too.

Network comes from having 100+ active portfolio companies, 100+ co-investors and advisors, and 100+ corporate, government and media relationships. We are thoughtful about our introductions and trust that whoever we connect can decide which opportunities they want to pursue. 

In our experience, the best teams know what to do with the above. They don’t need to babysitters or cheerleaders. They look for partners who bring something different to the table. We hope to be worthy partners.

How to pitch to us

If you would like us to consider investing in your company, just reach out. An introduction by a mutual contact often works. Otherwise, check our contact page to get in touch with us directly.