Investing in people,
not just the technology

We are the leading early-stage venture capital firm in Southeast Asia dedicated to investing and supporting solutions in Enterprise, Deep Tech, and Sustainability. We strive to answer Peter Thiel’s famous question: “What important truth do you believe that very few people agree with you on?”

Defining Opportunity as Actual Value less Perceived Value, we see greater frequencies of exciting returns when we minimize the latter portion of the equation. Our own important truth that we believe in that few people agree on is allowance for investment opportunities to thrive without the hindrance of unsubstantiated biases. We welcome the different, the non-comparables, the novel.

We invest in entrepreneurs with unique solutions to unaddressed problems that will change the industry for the better. The ability to spot a tremendous opportunity requires curiosity, insight, and imagination. We’d love to work with entrepreneurs with these qualities. It doesn’t matter to us whether you have a global comparable or not; we’d prefer it if your company weren’t simply the Southeast Asian version of a famous startup from another part of the world.

We offer seasoned perspective, vast network, and unhurried time to see the venture through. Most importantly, we offer trust in the founders’ vision. We provide value-added support in scaling and commercialization, from fundraising, strategy meetings, to talent services and workshops.

Together we can pioneer change.

 Your solution can start making an impact if — and only if — someone believes in your vision. Together we can take the notion of ‘perceived risk’ and shift it towards ‘opportunity,’ and start a cascading change.

How to pitch us

If you would like us to consider investing in your company, just reach out. An introduction by a mutual contact often works. Otherwise, check our contact page to get in touch with us directly.