Wavemaker Partners

Wavemaker is Southeast Asia’s leading early-stage venture
capital firm investing in enterprise and deep tech companies.


Startups targeting Small to Medium-sized Enterprises (SME)

In Southeast Asia (SEA), more than 95% of businesses are small and medium enterprises (SMEs). They contribute to over half of the economy and employ up to 97% of the workforce.

Today, SEA SMEs are adopting technology at an unprecedented rate, especially in emerging markets like Indonesia, the Philippines, Thailand and Vietnam. This translates into a tremendous opportunity for local tech startups to help SMEs increase revenues, cut costs and improve productivity. They will be better placed to understand local context and provide suitable solutions.


Startups targeting Large Enterprises
& Deep Technologies

Singapore provides tremendous opportunities for startups targeting large enterprises and deep tech. More than 90% of the Fortune 500 have offices in Singapore. Many of them have regional headquarters, R&D centers and innovation centers here with talent coming from all over the world.

The Singapore government is committed to becoming the world’s first Smart Nation and has earmarked S$25B (about US$19B) towards its Research, Innovation and Enterprise (RIE) 2025 Program. This “Little Red Dot” is home to 6 universities and 35 world-class research institutes.

We believe Singapore is uniquely positioned to nurture startups targeting large enterprises and/or developing deep technologies with the potential to compete against the best in the world.


Startups targeting Consumers

We invest opportunistically in B2C. When we do, we typically back teams with a clear vision for how to scalably and sustainably generate fresh, addictive delight.


Across SEA, 97% of all businesses are SMEs. They are beginning to adopt technologies and we believe that the region will reward the startups that develop these solutions for them.


There is a massive opportunity for deep tech startups to collaborate with the government and find their first customers in Singapore and the rest of Southeast Asia. Proprietary technology provides differentiation, competitive advantage, global potential, and downside protection.


We invest opportunistically in B2C. We are more comfortable with founders who have a clear vision for how to generate fresh, addictive delight while delivering scalable, sustainable unit economics.


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Wavemaker is Southeast Asia’s leading early-stage venture capital firm investing in enterprise and deep tech companies.