Investment Thesis

We believe in the power of authenticity

Having been startup founders ourselves in our previous lives, we like to think that we have a good sense of the unique journey entrepreneurs go through. We believe that true empathy is an important edge when it comes to investing in the earliest stage of business formation.

We favor thoughtful founders who have built an internal conviction through relevant knowledge and experience. We love mission driven founders who can articulate the clarity of the vision and the scope of the ambition. We are not interested in those who rely on an external show of passion and confidence embellished with the latest industry jargon. When we invest, we try to match companies with accomplished advisors in our network. We understand young companies need customers, funding and mentorship, not just paper partnerships and press. Of course we are always happy to share our perspectives and networks whenever our founders are interested.

We favor scalable, capital efficient and sustainable businesses that aim to create significant value by solving meaningful problems 10x better than existing options. We are not interested in vanity metrics or the “hottest investment trends.”

We make these statements fully aware that we do not know everything. We’re constantly asking questions and experimenting ourselves. We strive to learn with every investment and especially with every mistake we make since this is what we expect our founders to do as well.

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