What do you invest in? 

We like founders with a unique insight into an industry and solving a big unaddressed problem.

Do you have a preference for companies within any sector or region?

We are vertical-agnostic with a preference for enterprise companies. Our geographical mandate is in Southeast Asia but we do opportunistically invest outside the region and in consumer businesses.

Do you have a preference for any particular investment instrument?

We are indifferent between convertible notes or preference shares and will adapt the investment structure based on the context of the opportunity.

Do you do follow on investments?

We like to come in at the Seed to pre-Series A stages of a company, then invest again as the company grows and goes on to raise new rounds.

Do you lead rounds?

We are open to either leading or following a Seed or pre-Series A round.

How do you support your companies?

1. Perspective: The founders of the firm, Eric and Paul, are ex-entrepreneurs and act as a sounding board for founders. Through our experience of investing in more than 300 companies globally, we have many experiences we can share.

2. Network: In SEA, we have about 100 companies in our portfolio. Our founders are the foundation of our network. Through them, we’ve co-invested with 300+ different investors. We also have 50+ LPs ranging from family offices to corporates and institutions and 20+ advisors with deep domain expertise. Finally, since we invest primarily in enterprise and deep tech, we’ve built extensive relationships with corporates and research institutions.

3. Portfolio support: We try to be available to support our portfolio for anything from strategy, fundraising, customers, to hiring.

What can I expect after a pitch?

Your first meeting will be with a member of the investment team. We take about two weeks to get back to you after an internal discussion on the next steps. If there is interest to proceed, we will schedule a follow-up meeting with the partners of the firm. Regardless of the outcome, we will inform you of whether there is a fit. Our job requires us to say no a lot more often than yes and us passing does not mean anything about the potential of your business.

How do I reach Wavemaker Partners in Southeast Asia?

If you would like a discussion, please find our contact information here