The Sustainability Pledge

Every action matters. Make the commitment today.

The Pledge is a commitment by venture capital investors and startups to contribute to Sustainable Development Goals however we can, depending on whatever stage we’re at in business. We will work toward sustainability because it’s good all around—it’s good for our customers, our communities, our economy, and ultimately, our business and shareholders. This is just the beginning. We will grow our commitment as we grow. Collectively, we hope our action will have a meaningful and lasting impact.

Wavemaker Partners

“We pledge to improve our sustainability performance, to operate responsibly, and to be accountable for our wider environmental and social impact, with the hope of creating a better future for generations to come.”

Paul Santos, Managing Partner and Gavin Lee, General Partner


“We are committed to building a sustainable and inclusive company. We will develop, communicate, and implement environmental and socially inclusive policies. We will aim for at least 50% of leadership roles and full team as female by end of 2022; reduce plastic in product packaging by 50% by end of 2021; and have recycled or biodegradable materials for at least 80% of packaging materials by end of 2022. We will continually measure, improve, and report on our sustainability performance.”

Dustin Jefferson S. Onghanseng, Co-Founder and CEO and  Brian Lin, Co-Founder and CTO


VFlow Tech

“At VFlow Tech, we are committed to sustainability and are focused on reducing the net carbon footprint of our process and product. Even at an early stage, we are taking all effort to ensure our product involves low carbon process and have high recycling component.

We are committed to:

  • Building a sustainable and inclusive company;
  • Implementing environmental and socially inclusive policies;
  • Become carbon negative by 2030 with a diverse and inclusive leadership team consisting of at least 25% of women;
  • Measure, improve and report on our sustainability performance.”

—Dr. Avishek Kumar, Co-Founder and CEO


“Hydroleap is committed to:

  • Building a sustainable and inclusive company;
  • Developing, communicating, and implementing environmental and socially inclusive policies;
  • Building a team by 2023 with at least 30% of the leadership positions to be held by women;
  • Not only communicating the importance of decarbonization with its customers, but also offering solutions that can reduce carbon emissions up to 70%;
  • Continually measuring, improving and reporting on its sustainability performance.”

— Mohammad Sherafatmand, Founder and CEO


“Technology empowers our progress towards a low-carbon economy. TablePointer is obsessed about helping our customers in their challenges and making the biggest impact that we can with innovative and advanced technology solutions for sustainability.

We are committed to

  • Enable more than 30,000 customers with sustainability technologies by 2030;
  • Be carbon negative from Day 1;
  • Have talented women as our leaders now.

We will continuously improve, track, and report on our sustainability performance.”

— Jason Tang, Founder and CEO


“TurtleTree pledges to uphold the principles of sustainability and inclusivity in every endeavor. Through the thoughtful implementation of environmentally and socially inclusive policies, we will strive to become carbon-negative by 2025 and provide an equal-opportunity workplace free from discrimination of any nature. We will continually measure, improve, and report on our sustainability performance in order to bring these goals to fruition and create the better world we desire to see.”

— Fengru Lin, Co-Founder and CEO and Max Rye, Co-Founder and Chief Strategist


“Portcast is committed to building a sustainable and inclusive company – both for our employees as well as the maritime and supply chain industry that we operate in.

  • Offering an accredited CO2 visibility solution for customers to enable carbon offsetting and optimisation by 2022;
  • Committing to diversity and to ensure at least 30% leadership roles held by women by 2023;
  • Building policies and company culture ensuring mental health and well being of our team;
  • Continually measuring, improving, and reporting on our sustainability performance.”

– Nidhi Gupta, Co-Founder and CEO