February 25, 2016 / News

Fox 29 News: Fresco News changing journalism, making you a part of our team

PHILADELPHIA (WTXF)- FOX 29 is a news ‘Team.’  A team that we want you to be part of.

We’re always asking you to send us videos and photos, and now we’re partnering with a new app to make it really easy for you.

FOX 29’s Chris O’Connell uses his iPhone every day. Not just to make calls or to check emails, but to make news. He shoots video and pictures of what he sees around him. If there’s a story there, he’s getting it.

Now you can do the same.

FOX 29 viewers are now changing the way news is captured and reported.

We now have an app that lets you become part of our team.  The app is called Fresco News, and it’s available on your iPhone. Once you download it, you are then instantly connected to us, FOX 29 news.

You are now on our team.

Through the app our assignment editors will let you know when news is happening in your area, and give you the chance to cover the story for us.

Oh, and make money too.

Some viewers are already doing it.

When high winds struck in Chester County, when snow fell in Bucks County, or when a major fire broke out in Northeast Philly…

Fresco users like Jared Gruenwald were there to capture it, and then connect with us here in our FOX 29 newsroom.

Andrew Tobin used fresco to share a little bit of Philly history with our FOX 29 viewers.

It’s easy to do.

Download the Fresco News App, respond to an assignment, shoot, upload, and get paid.

Just like that, you’ve become an important part of our FOX 29 News Team, and you can see how, as you watch your news gathering on our air, and on-line.

We’re taking people on the ground with cameras in their pockets, making them a part of our team, and changing journalism.

So go… Fresco it.

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